Civilizationthe debut album by Italian singer-songwriter Adele H, represents four years of thoughts, ideas and melodies.


Adele H is the solo music project of Adele Pappalardo, a singer-songwriter who uses just her voice and a Brazilian tambourine (and occasionally other percussion instruments) to create primordial experimental pop songs. The essential instrumentation creates primitive layers of music where the theme of spirtual awakening is celebrated.

"ADELE H is the careful narrator dropping hints like ancient sculpture in architecture that’s been on buildings for centuries"
Tiny Mix Tapes

“Driven by undulating vocal melodies and raw guitar textures, the song makes for an entrancing, five-minute ride; an accompanying live take of the song doesn't depart dramatically from the studio version, though it does boast a vocal that feels even more possessed.”

“ She builds small cathedrals made of interwoven voices, sighs and breaths are rhythmic, blows and puffs that become sound environment, sound hypnosis and a lot visionary. We expect the long album with trepidation.”--Stefano Pifferi, SentireAscoltare, 2017

"A new name overlooks the experimental Italian scene, a feminine presence that uses an ancient language of intuition and spontaneity." --Roberto Mandolini, Rockerilla, April 2017

"It reminds of some church music, a liturgy suspended between sacred and profane! She seemed a promise and we weren't wrong. A more than gratifying debut album." --Gino Dal Soler, Blow Up, April 2017