Introducing: Adaya (and Song of the Day)

Some of you may recall from our recent interview with Buck Curran (read it here) that we talked about his own label called  Obsolete Recordings. The label has been something of a lifetime dream for Buck and he mentioned a number of artists he has been working with. One was Adaya, a charismatic songwriter-musician from Switzerland who he first met on tour with Arborea in Ireland at the end of 2014. He stayed in touch and even lived in Switzerland for a while playing electric guitar in her band.

To bring things right up to date, watch her music video for I Am Born, the lead single from her forthcoming debut album ‘The Other Side’. Based on this song alone I’d encourage you all to get behind supporting this album which began life two years ago as a duo and now contains half an orchestra from the USA, Israel, and Holland. This is high calibre music, both stunning and original in concept and delivery, we’re looking forward to hearing more.